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    About Us

    Dedicated Domestics and Nannies came into existence because we felt that there was a need in our marketplace for an agency that puts families and children first.  We insist on meeting every applicant personally and we contact previous employers ourselves to ensure the candidate has the experience that they claim to have.  At Dedicated Domestics we insist on seeing the original documents for any form of identification like driver’s licenses and social security cards.  Our decision to work with only nannies and babysitters that are legal citizens or legally allowed to work in the U.S. is not a political statement by any means.  We know that background checks are not perfect, and if a person is not here legally they will easily pass a background check since there won’t be any record of them in any system.  As parents we want the best for our kids and family.  We will only introduce applicants to families that we would feel comfortable hiring for our own family.  Yes, it is a little old fashioned in today’s computer age but then so is parenting.  Dedicated Domestics is a modern company with old fashioned ethics.

    Eloisa Nelson
    Co-Founder of Dedicated Domestics

    Building on my decade of experience with children and families I realized the critical need that families
    have for finding qualified people to help them. My background includes a position as a preschool
    teaching assistant, a House Manager / Nanny in a corporate household and finally as a Recruiter and
    Placement Counselor. In those positions I have learned that the values of our families and children are
    still our greatest treasures. While we strive to balance our commitments with our dedication to our
    families we find that sometimes we could use a little extra help. The problem is the exhausting research
    required to find the right type of help and then carefully examining the backgrounds of each of the

    Our goal with Dedicated Domestics has been to find out what our clients real needs are and then
    work to match up candidates that are the best fit for each situation. Since no two families are alike we
    believe it is important to not just listen but really hear the individual desires each family has. We want to
    make absolutely certain that we find a caregiver that matches as many of our clients requirements as
    possible and not just to fill a position. Being a full service agency I know how important it is to follow
    through after a placement has been made to ensure that everything has been handled satisfactorily and
    that all needs have been met. While so many of the caregivers that I see are not able to be placed due
    to our high standards I treat every potential candidate with the respect they deserve which has helped
    us attract the best caregivers in the business. In short I am here to help counsel you in selecting the
    right people for your personal situation and dedicated to finding you the best fit for your staffing needs.

    Jeff Nelson
    Co-Founder of Dedicated Domestics

    I bring over twenty seven years of corporate executive experience to Dedicated Domestics . The
    business background and training has proven essential to help understand and address the specific
    needs of our professional clientele. Through my own experience I realized the value of outside help.
    After not knowing where to turn, I felt compelled to find a better way to help other busy professionals
    enjoy their families while still pursuing their careers. I have personally experienced the time constraints
    and “survived” raising a daughter as a single parent while still pursuing a career as a Vice
    President in a multi-state corporation. And just like many other baby boomers out there, I am currently
    dealing with the needs of a widowed father, who while still mobile, requires some extra help occasionally.
    While we all want to be there for every member of our family that needs us, we know the reality does not
    always make it possible. Suddenly the need for a Nanny one day changes to needing the help of a
    professional Elder Caregiver or Companion the next.

    Raising a family, looking after parents, or just taking care of yourself can be very stressful. When you
    add a career and other personal obligations it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the daily tasks that
    require your attention. All of life’s little demands are the reason professional domestic staff is not just a
    luxury, but a necessity that you owe to yourself. It is relatively easy to find baby sitters or housekeepers to clean your home. But you may not realize how valuable an asset it is to have the right person or combination of people working with you to support your goals. A professional Nanny does so much more than watch the children. They can help foster the family values that you set, help stimulate them with multiple activities planned throughout the week and of course help with driving the children to and from school events. Some Elder Care Companions and Housekeepers are also cooks or can help you run errands, which will allow you more quality time with your family. Many companions for our elderly clients are capable of driving them to medical appointments and help with the shopping in order to relieve some of the pressures from their lives and allow them to be independent longer. Whatever your specific needs, at Dedicated Domestics we are committed to help you find solutions that you may never even have thought existed and all designed to fit most budgets. Remember we can understand your needs because we are also a family. We are dedicated to helping you with all of your professional domestic staffing needs.

Dedicated Domestics and Nannies

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